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At Salas Tree Service, tree and shrub pruning is more than simply cutting limbs away from nearby objects. We consider pruning an art, and an integral part of a lasting plant health care program. Properly pruned trees resist storm damage, pest and disease infestations, and are more natural
Tree Removal Service in Atlanta

Tree Removal

Tree removal in Atlanta is a significant decision that should be approached with caution. Trees provide many benefits to the environment, so removing them should only be done when necessary. There are several reasons why a tree may need to be removed in Atlanta, including safety concerns. For instance, a tree that is leaning towards a house or has large branches that could fall during a storm may pose a threat to people or property and may need to be removed.

Tree Trimming service in atlanta

Tree Trimming

If you’re looking for reliable tree trimming or pruning services, Salas Tree Service offers professional options for both residential and commercial properties. To schedule a tree trimming or pruning service in your area, you can call our office at 678-558-4863. Trees are beautiful natural features that enhance your property’s aesthetics, and proper trimming and pruning can help maintain their health and safety. However, it’s important to choose a reputable and experienced tree company to ensure that the job is done carefully 

Tree Risk Assessment Atlanta

Tree Risk Assessment

If you’re in Atlanta and in need of tree risk assessment services, it’s important to understand what it entails. Tree risk assessment involves a professional arborist analyzing a tree to determine the potential risk it poses to surrounding structures and the environment. This assessment involves considering several factors, such as the tree’s health, stability, and location. By thoroughly evaluating these factors, an arborist can determine the level of risk and recommend the appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate it.

Stump Grinding service in Atlanta

Stump Grinding

If you’ve recently removed a tree or are planning to do so, you may be wondering what to do about the stump. Fortunately, there are two options available: removing the stump along with its roots or grinding it down to hide it in the ground. Stump grinding is a popular option that involves using a powerful grinder to chip away at the stump until it’s level with the surrounding ground. This process not only eliminates the stump but also creates mulch that can be used in other areas of your yard.

Stump Grinding service in Atlanta

Emergency Tree Services

A tree that appears harmless in your yard can pose a serious threat in certain situations. Unstable or precarious trees, especially those that are large and heavy, can cause significant damage to property or even pose a danger to people in the vicinity. When a tree emergency occurs, it’s important to act quickly and call a professional tree service to minimize the risk of further damage or injury. At Salas Tree Service, we offer emergency tree services to help address these types of situations. 

Stump Grinding service in Atlanta

Arborist Services

Trees are complex living organisms that require proper care and maintenance to thrive. That’s why it’s important to work with a certified arborist, a trained professional who specializes in the study of trees and their growth, known as arboriculture. At Salas Tree Service, we’re proud to have a team of ISA-certified arborists who are experts in their field. Our arborists have the knowledge and experience to provide a range of tree services, including tree pruning, tree removal, tree planting, and tree risk assessment.

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Salas Tree Service is a licensed & insured tree company offering budget-friendly tree care services. Our certified arborists are available to answer all your tree-related questions.

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Our experienced tree experts offer the most reliable emergency tree removal & tree care services. Request tree service whenever you need it. Our staff will be there for you.

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“Truly impressive work. They responded to my call in the same day, arrived, gave an estimate and started the work a few hours later. When they completed the job the grounds looked better than when they arrived. Pricing is fair and reasonable.”

Jae Benn

“Exceptional customer service, very friendly, affordable, & reliable! They do an EXCELLENT job in a safe manner and clean up afterwards. I have already recommended them to my friends and family and I will Definitely use this Top Notch company again. Don’t hesitate, just call them! Thanks again Silver for a job well done!!!!”

Crys Good

“Salas Tree Service did an exceptional job taking down a very large maple in our backyard. He very skillfully was able to avoid multiple other trees, house, fence, and playhouse in our backyard. He was very responsive and helpful in addressing my concerns. Him and his crew were very friendly and enjoyed getting to know them while they were here for 3 days working to remove our tree.”

Nathan Currier

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